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Getting married abroad looking for Cyprus Florists – look no further!

At the Cyprus Flower Lounge, we understand how important your flowers are for your big day, you will spend the rest of your lives looking through your photo albums at your beautiful flowers remembering your special day, dictating the days events to your children and even your Grandchildren, that’s why its important we pay attention to every detail, including colour, style, theme, dress size, variety etc. At the Cyprus Flower Lounge it doesn’t matter whether your wedding day is a quiet family affair or a huge parade, we will be glad to assist you with every detail to ensure that your wedding flowers are ‘Just Perfect’.

It is therefore imperative that a thorough consultation is carried out prior to your big day; please email Paris for a copy of your completed consultation form. Mark your email.

Weddings in Cyprus


Why is the consultation form necessary?

Getting married abroad in Cyprus – known as the island of love. With most of our brides flying in for their wedding, only days before the event, the consultation form provides us with vital information to ensure your flowers are perfect. As your Cyprus Florists it is likely we will only meet you once or twice, one of which being on the day of the wedding. We often do not know what you look like, or your height or dress size, imagine you are a size 8 and 4ft 8’ in height and we make a long trail bouquet, how silly will that look? Remember your bouquet is there to compliment your gown not take the emphasis away!!

Once you have chosen your dress and colour scheme we will begin to designing your wedding day flowers. The bride’s bouquet should accent the gown; the bridesmaid’s bouquet should compliment the Bridal bouquet, as should the groom’s boutonniere and so on. At the Cyprus Flower Lounge you can rest assured that the theme will follow all the way through! Complete our online consultation form. Cyprus florists at their best.

Here in Cyprus we do not have Flower Markets as we do in the UK or other Countries. Most of our flowers are imported from Holland/ Ecuador and must be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance if the Flowers are not seasonal to Cyprus, therefore it is important that we decide on the types of flowers, colour and style as soon as possible! So once you have set the date, chosen your gown and decided on your colour scheme it is time to contact ‘The Cyprus Flower Lounge’.

Our attention to detail is second to none, we understand the pressures of Getting married abroad. Please read some of our testimonials and see what previous Brides have to say about weddings in Cyprus!

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